Monday, October 14, 2013

Update #8: "The cat of the apocalypse"

Oi amigos e família!

I am quite surprised at how quickly this week has gone by. I think that I've passed the time of getting used to missionary life, and now I'm gonna go go go, until before I know it, I'm home, have a smoking hot wife, a steady income, and I can spend my days cuddling with the aforementioned smoking hot wife and watch movies all day. That is my motivation for everything that I do.

This week was a little bit more difficult, dealing with investigators. We met with Jessica on Monday, and she said that she received an awesome confirmation of truth, and afterwards, another guy from another religion talked to her about how he's looking for things...and then he listed things that he wanted, and they were exactly in our church! She didn't know his name so we didn't get a reference, but she saw this as a sign! However, since then, we haven't been able to meet up with her, because she's so busy, so we can't even teach her commandments yet. And she didn't come to church, so we're gonna have to change her baptism date. Luciana (the pizzeria lady) said that her boss won't let her meet with us at the pizzeria, so we have to wait until this sunday to talk to her again. Claudine read stuff about us on the Internet, so she's out, but her son Andre still has interest. But now, anytime we go to their house, she tries to "A-ha!" us. Luckily, this is our jobs, and so we're usually well prepared. Tip to people who want to trump missionaries: don't try. We literally are preaching the gospel as a full time job. You're not going to stump us on a question permanently. Maybe for a few days, but we'll find an answer. And if not, the Book of Mormon is true.

But we did find one really good investigator this week. We had a street contact named Julio, who gave us an address. We tried the address, but nobody was home, so we figured that he gave us a fake address. However, last Monday, he passed us on the street, and asked us when we were going to visit him. We were shocked, and decided to visit him the next day. When we got to the address (his place of work) we met João (Portuguese for "John"), his boss. We realized partway through the lesson that Julio isn't fully mentally aware, but Joao has a TON of interest in our church, especially in feeling the Holy Ghost. So pray for Joao and Julio, as well as our other investigators!

We've had a couple people drop us this week, and we've had a couple days that were rough. We have one investigator, Aline, that wanted to be baptized, but not anymore because she's convinced that quitting smoking and coffee is physically impossible. But we have hope that this week will be a great week!

By the way, I've grown a new love for writing letters in my free time (mornings, nights, and when Elder Casagrande is getting ready.) So send me your address, and I'll send you a letter, handwritten!

Alright, thank you all for your support! You have no idea how much I appreciate it! Continue praying for me and our investigators, and I'll keep on working hard! Ate mais!

Elder Youd

Brazilian FFOTW: October 12 is Dia dos Criancas, or "Kids day". Kind of like Mother's Day or Father's Day, Dia dos Criancas celebrates commericalizing toys to give to punk kids...also, children, and the beauty they bring to the Earth. That was our worst day with this week, because nobody was home. So I'm a little bitter towards punk little kids. Grr..

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