Thursday, August 15, 2013

MTC Day!

Michael left Missouri for Utah and the Provo MTC this morning (Wed, Aug 14th, 2013).  It started VERY early with a traditional Youd Boy Breakfast at IHop at 4:30 (note to anyone who is considering are at the mercy of a graveyard shift cook who has about an hour left on his shift...just saying!).  All in all, the mood and conversation was chipper considering the hour of day!

After breakfast a quick trip over to the airport and then goodbyes again.  Daniel Argyle, one of Michael's best buddies from forever, got up extra early and met him there to send him off also.  Mom did pretty well holding it together, Dad & Jon got the Bro Hugs, and he was off!

At the other end, Grandma and Grandpa Jones and Aunt Tammy met him at the airport in Salt Lake.  They always take such great care of the Youd children when they are in Utah! (Thanks guys!!)
A quick lunch at Wendy's in the little window of time before drop off time was much appreciated.

Then it was off to the MTC!  Elder Youd's check in time was 12:30, so it was a hectic morning, but he looks pretty excited when he was being dropped at the curb.  He will be a great missionary!!!  Be sure to check back often to this blog to follow his great adventures.  He also wanted me to remind everyone that letters and care packages are always appreciated!  :)

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