Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm here!!

Hey, I won't be able to email long. I just wanted to email both of you to tell you that I got here safely! I'll be able to email more on Friday, but here are the details. Food is AMAZING. It's super cool to be able to walk out onto the streets of Sao Paulo. It kinda feels like I'm in a Jason Bourne movie, you know, the part where he's walking around in foreign cities that aren't fancy. The buildings all are simple, but the view is absolutely beautiful. Also, the people are so nice here, and I've only seen them for a day. Even if they don't know you, they are super kind, which I'm still getting used to. Also, this keyboard's shift key is tiny, so I keep on having to take more time to capitalize things. It's throwing off my groove. My companion is Elder Burton. He's going to my mission, but he was in a different district than me in Provo. I found out some official statistics. This week, 25 of us North Americans got our visas (either to go into the field or to come to the MTC.) 15 of us came to the CTM. There are about 1100 people waiting for their visas. This place has so few people, and most of them are spanish speakers learning Portuguese. The building is BEAUTIFUL though. Absolutely stunning. You should look up the pictures of it, and then imagine it as twice as pretty. Weird for a place that is rarely used, eh? Also, go to to look up stuff on packages. Don't bother sending any packages to the CTM. If you are, wait until I'm in the field. Also, don't try to smuggle things to me. Even if your intentions are good, it could end up being a huge legal thing if you try and sneak stuff in other things (such as a camera in a cake mix, etc.) I think they sent you an email about it. Hopefully they'll get you some good information. Well, my time is up, but I'll email you more on Friday! I love it here! Love you! Elder Youd

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