Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 53: We did it!! 1 Year!!!

Hey everybody!!

Thats right, I have hit a very significant point in my one year mark!! Last Thursday marked 1 year since I entered the MTC and started to be a missionary. So, we worked a bit during the day, and during the night, we ended up eating pizza during the night, so it was a pretty good way. If I were to hypothetically stay exactly two years, Im officially past my half-way mark! (But, Im actually a bit past the halfway mark, seeing as Ill go home a bit earlier than two years because of visa stuff.) But, thats my excitement.

Honestly, theres not a lot to say about the work this week. Weve been working to find new people to teach for next transfer, but between a lack of success and a lack of time to work, we werent able to find anybody thats just screaming "potential". But, weve got some other things going on this week. Here are the notes this week:

-Again, we learn about transfers today. Im honestly stalling a bit to learn about the transfers. But, if I end up learning about transfers after I send this, Ill send a follow-up email with the new info. But seeing as Ive only been here 6 weeks, Ill likely stay here in Amador Bueno.

-We moved this week! I forgot to take pictures of the new house, but Ill send them next week. We were living in a freaking cellar before, that always felt humid and we had a landlady that didnt like the missionaries so much. Now, were living in a house behind one of the Bishops counselors. The move was quite interesting. We had to move the majority of the stuff by ourselves, which includes undoing the beds and desks, and installing a new showerhead, etc. It was quite the adventure, and by the time we moved, we were completely dead. But that was an adventure this week!

-And for a funny story this week, I saved 5 lives (kind of.) We were working close to the chapel, and I needed to use the bathroom, so we stopped and rested for about 10 minutes. I went to one of the rooms, and I realized that one of the desks that they were using was actually a piano. I decided to see if it worked, and it worked; however, when I started playing, I heard a scream! As it turns out, there was a cat with 4 kittens, hidden inside of the piano. For how much time they were there, I have no idea, but we got someone there to get those cats out of there!

So, thats my week. It seems like Ill send you all an email when I learn about transfers! Until next week! Love you all!

Elder Youd

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