Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 51: Miracles, just slightly delayed!

Hey everybody!!

So its been a pretty good week here in Amador Bueno. Honestly, it was the first week that Ive had here that was less than "MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING HERE!", but I suppose that every week cant be perfect. But, weve still got some super good stuff going on here. Ill cut the small talk and move on directly to our investigators!

Caique, Guilherme: It seems like Denilson, friend of Caique and Guilherme, has lost interest in being baptized. He avoided all of our appointments this week, and didnt go to church. BUT Caique and Guilherme are still firm to be baptized this weekend, and they went to church! We just need to go over the rest of the commandments with them, and then were good! 

Vanessa, Valeria: So Valeria also is avoiding us, perhaps because shes 14 years old and doesnt really care about religion right now. BUT Vanessa is super firm to be baptized this weekend! She prayed, and decided that this is the path that she wants to follow for the rest of her life! We had plans to baptize her last weekend, but when she went to church last week, one of our ward missionaries (bless his heart) got confused and told her that she would be baptized on the 9th. So well baptize her this weekend. Miracles...just slightly delayed!! But shes doing super well. She already knows about the temple, and got excited that she can go there as soon as possible!! Elect!!

Bruna, Lucas: Our sadder note for this week. We went over the commandments with Bruna and Lucas to be baptized last week, and they were super duper good with everything and super excited to be baptized. But, their parents go to a SUPER anti-Mormon church, and although they were afraid to tell it to us, they had no plans to allow them to be baptized. We marked an appointment to talk to their parents, but then they "went out of town" during that time, and then called a ward member and said that Bruna and Lucas were never to go to church again. Well see what we can do to help, but it seems like Satan is working hard against us with them.

But we are still having a ton of success here, and we are super excited for the future!!

Other notes:

This week, I wish my Dad a happy birthday!!! I dont remember how old he'll be, but know that hes pretty old and super wise! Happy birthday Dad!

Alright, thats all for me this week! Were at a crappier LAN House today, so I probably wont be able to send photos. But, Ill do my best! Love you all!
Elder Youd

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