Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 38: Over the sewage pipes and through the woods... lunch on Wednesday we go. (Next week, when I have a computer with USB, Ill snd the picture. Basically, theres a sewage pipe that we have to walk on to get to a certain neighborhood from our house. Its legit to the max.)

Hey everybody!

Sorry if this email will be a bit gramatically bad. Elder Taveira has been complaining for 3 weeks now that were using extra money to use a better quality LAN house, so we stooped to a different, much crappier lan house. SO Im writing everything a lot slower. But this week has been super good! After Joelsons baptism, weve been focusing all of our efforts in finding new people who can be baptized this transfer (we only have 3 weeks left, and Ill likely leave Julio de Mesquita afterwards, so Im working hard.) And this week will likely be the last opportunity for me to find people to baptize here. But here are some of our new people:

Estella (new!)- Elder Taveira and I had talked to her in the past, but she had always been thinking that shed move, so we never visited again. But we found her on the street this week, and she invited us to come visit her. And she accepted a baptismal date for May 24!! She came to the last 2 hours of church yesterday and loved it, so she has a ton of potential. Shes middle aged, and her mother died recently of cancer, and her brother has cancer, so shes feeling alone. Luckily, we know that her following Christ through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end will help her feel the love of God  in her life.

Kesley and Tatiana (new!)- We also talked to this brother and sister, 18 and 19 respectively. They had some interest, and accepted a conditional baptismal date! Weve got work to do with them (specifically, for them to shape up and go to church on Sunday,) But we have hope for them!!

Other notes:

This sunday, Ill get to talk to my family! We as missionaries get 2 calls per year for our families. The last time I talked to them was during Christmas, so Im excited. Im thinking that we can do the call at about 6:00 in the evening here via Google Plus (about 4:00 in Missouri? I dont know. Talk to me, family!) But Im super stoked! :D

Since Ive had some people ask me about it (and because my family announced it,) yes, my parents are moving to Utah. No, this does not mean that Ill never visit Missouri again. When I get back from my mission, Ill be 21 years old and will have been living by myself in South America for 2 years. I think I can visit Missouri on my own ;)

Ive found a new love for pastels here. You can look it up online, but theres a super good pastel place in our area. I think that Elder Taveira and I have eaten there 5 times this week. Its freaking good.

Alright, thats it for me, folks! Ill talk to yall later! Love you!

Michael/Elder Youd

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