Saturday, April 19, 2014

Week 34: Conference!

Firstly, since everybody asked me about General Conference, I dedicated my entire voicemail to this. Basically, all the talks were super good, I didnt get to listen to Priesthood, and D. Todd Christofferson rocked the entire house down to the ground. But you can listen to my voicemail for that.

This week, conference aside, was good. We worked our butts off to be able to watch conference without too much stress about work. Although we have mostly focused on news, heres our progress thus far:

Joelson- Hes still doing good. Hes planning on being baptized this Saturday (giving him and Aline time to talk to family and invite them, and so that it wont interfere with conference.) Although hell likely freak out at the last minute, he should be good for baptism this Saturday. Pray for Joelson!

Hilda and Placido- Theyre getting pretty weak on invitations. They didnt stop drinking coffee, and they dont want to stop. But they said theyd at least pray to see if this was a true commandment. But theyre gonna travel this week, so we wont get to talk to them until next week. So you wont hear from them next email.

Really, not much else happened this week. I do apologize that this note is a bit smaller than my others, but I promise that Ill send some photos to make up for it, and that next week will be longer!! Love you all!

Elder Youd

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