Thursday, February 6, 2014

Week 24: The sun of South America, the People of Europe

Yes, this is referring to the weird phenomenon that's happened this week, in that everybody is rejecting us. In Brazil. Weird weird weird.

Oi everybody!
This week's been a bit harder, in a way that is very strange to describe. As missionaries, we've always had problems to find new people to teach (Sao Paulo North is one of the harder Brazilian missions, along with Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo West), but this week was a new level of difficulty. We literally went to the lowest level of finding new people (knocking/clapping at doors), and still everybody rejected us. With over 100 people that we talked to, we got 8 new people. Weird weird weird.

Most of our investigators have fallen, but we still have a few that have potential. Here they are:

Fransisco and Darci- Fransisco went to a bunch of stake conference activities this week (a lot about auto sufficiency, which he needs since his job is freelance), and he loved it. We taught them commandments, and they had no problems with it at all. So they both agreed that they want to be baptized soon, they just have to look at their schedule and decide when. Literally, the hardest part with them is just getting them to think a bit faster (They're both in their 60s, and tend to think on a much more long-term basis.) But they're almost guaranteed baptisms.

Maria- Still crazy. Still surprising. SHe read 3 Nephi 11 5 times, but didn't know how to pray, so she hasn't prayed yet. But who knows? Maybe she will.

Jessica-We couldn't find her this week, but we talked to her at STake conference. She still isn't ready for baptism. She's already been interviewed. She just needs to decide when she wants to be baptized.

THat's all of our main people this week. It's been difficult, but I know that, being on the Lord's errand, He has people that are prepared to hear this gospel and accept the path of Jesus Christ. There are people all over the world that God is preparing to accept the Gospel; all we need to do is pray to find these people, that we can teach them and help them come unto Christ. I've seen the change that it can have in the lives of people, including Marcio and his family, as well as Douglas. I know that this change, this increase of light and happiness, can come by none other except God himself. He has a plan for all of us, and we have the opportunity to accept that plan and receive exhaltation.

On another note, we learn about transfers today, so there's a chance that I'll leave Vila Medeiros. But you'll all get to learn about that next week :D

Sorry this email is a bit shorter, but not much happened this week! It appears that I picked a computer that works today, so I'll send a bunch of photos! Love you all!

Elder Youd

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