Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 23: Douglas!

Oi everybody!

That's right: douglas was baptized this weekend! I'll get into more details later, but it all went very smoothly (much smoother than Marcio and his family), and he's super happy now! I'll send pictures in a different email (I got one of the crappy computers again.) But it's all good!

Top investigators:

Douglas: After his mom talked to us last sunday, we were mostly just praying that nothing went wrong between sundayand his interview on FridayOn friday, he and Jessica were both interviewed, and both passed. However, Jessica told us that she wants to wait a bit longer to be baptized, just to know the church better first. But all went well. Augusto, the youth leader who's been working with us and Douglas, did the baptism, and I did the confirmation the next day. Although his Mom came with him to church on sunday, she was a bit...hung over, so I don't know how well she felt the good Spirit. But batismo!

Joao- We're about to, unfortunately, cut Joao. Despite the dream he had where he saw Jesus, Joao has turned limp, asking us why we don't have meetings every day and not just Sunday, and also saying that he won't go every Sunday to church. It's quite a disappointment, but it happens.

Fransisco- He and his wife both have said to us separately that they plan on staying with this church, but they just want to go a bit slow in getting baptized. However, they will absolutely be baptized, hopefully in February. But he already is saying, "Eh, I'm a part of this family already. I can do stuff here to help too!"

Wilian (New!)- We found him saturday night. A man in his mid-40s, he lives with his wife and 2 kids and parents. He's Catholic, but he's always felt like something was missing from that church. Two years ago, he and his (then 4-months pregnant) wife were driving, and a drunk driver hit them hardcore. The wife broke her legs, and the baby died in the process. His skull was smashed in, and he was in a coma for 6 months. After many reconstructive surgeries and therapy, he's still looking for peace. We taught him the Plan of Salvation, and he was incredibly touched by it. He has a ton of potential to follow Christ.

Maria (New!)- SHe's mostly just cray cray. We've taught her a couple times, and she mostly just laughs and goes on random tangents. We didn't have any hope that she understood what we were talking about...and then she actually came to church on Sunday, against all odds. It was very strange, but a nice surprise indeed.

Other information:

There was a churrascinha serving chicken heart this week. It was actually quite good. I like chicken heart.

We got our information about our new mission president last week. His name is President Farnes, mid-40s, from Bountiful Utah, and he served in Porto Alegre Brazil. This could be a very different second year of the mission. (He starts on July 1, right in the most hectic time of the mission, the World Cup.)

I got a ton of cards this week! To be specific, 7 cards! It was quite a nice addition to receive these after Douglas' interview went well. Thanks to all!

Alright, thank you all for your continued support! The church is true! Jesus loves ya! I'll send photos in a different email!

Much love,
Elder Youd

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