Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 59: Its that time of every 6 weeks again!

Hey everybody!

So, as I write this, we are again waiting for our transfer calls. It seems (to me) that every transfer passes by faster and faster. So, as per usual, we await the call from the Assistants to tell us who is going, who is staying, and who is coming. So, there really isnt a whole lot to say this week. Weve basically been prepping the area for the next transfer, depending on who stays, who goes, etc. Our idea is likely that Elder Berrios will go (hes been here 6 months), Ill probably stay (Ive only been here a bit more than a month), and aside from that, we have no idea. But, here are our top investigators:

Ronni (new!): Hes an ex investigator who is back in the picture. A long time ago, he was almost baptized, but then decided at the last minute that he didnt want to. However, he always is at the church hanging out with his friends (hes 25ish), and we finally decided to talk to him again. With the help of a member of our Bishopric, Ronni accepted to be baptized on the11th of October!! WEve just gotta help him feel more ready for baptism this time, but I think itll all go well.

Luan: Well, we tried to warn him against breaking the Law of Chastity, but he didnt want to listen. And, it seems like he is now realizing that he should have listened sooner, seeing as now hes going to be a daddy! Hes actually been a lot more receptive ever since he realized that his girlfriend was pregnant, and were just trying to help him make the right choices, because hes wanting to have dumb reactions. For example, he finally decided to get his first tattoo that day. On his neck. And the worst part is, it has a spelling error. He wanted to say "Tudo muda", which means "everything changes", but it ended up reading "Tudo mudar", which means "everything to change" or "everything change". So, were helping him out.

Other notes:

Divina and Tainá are doing great. Tainá went to the temple for the first time this weekend, which is awesome, and Divina not only went to church again this week, but she was at the church with other people during the week! Its awesome to see how everything good is happening in that family.

Also, our mission has been having a competition (per zone) to see who could get the highest number of a few types of things (People with baptismal dates at church, people that visited church, and lessons that we teach with a member of the church present.) Weve been competing all month, and somehow, our zone won! So, while the details arent that important, what is important is that we are all gonna be going to President Farnes' house tonight to eat pizza with him and his family.

Well, if Im still on when I learn about transfers, Ill write a second email. If not, youll know next week! Tchau!!

With love,
Elder Youd

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